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Although I don't have formal training as a programmer, I have picked up coding over the years. I'm especially familiar with C++, VBA, and LSL; I specialize in building software to meet unusual, difficult, or even "impossible" requirements. I especially enjoy the challenge of designing clean, intuitive user interfaces. Below are some projects I completed while working at MidAmerican Energy. Many of the images are taken directly from user manuals, and potentially sensitive information has been marked out.

Call Tracking Database

The Call Tracking Database (CTDB) is an Access database application I designed for the MidAmerican Energy Benefits Department in 2008, to accomplish six tasks:

  • To replace paper call records for a call center logging up to 300 incoming calls per day,
  • To allow users to exchange and manage ownership of caller information,
  • To provide tracking and statistics for phone calls and trouble tickets,
  • To integrate call and ticket tracking with existing employee databases,
  • To provide security consistant with HIPAA regulations.
  • To give admin users control over nearly every aspect of the system with minimal training.

The CTDB was tested and put into production over the season of the department's heaviest phone traffic. The CTDB successfully supported a log of 5,000 phone calls, 40,000 employee records, and 10 users.

CTDB Call Window

CTDB Control Panel

Merge Manager

Merge Manager is an Excel add-in I developed for the MidAmerican Energy Benefits Department. It provides a simple but flexible interface where multiple users can manage and run frequently-used mail merges. Merge Manager allows users to produce multiple merges at once, with information shared between them. There is also support for sending out email via SMTP, to a spreadsheet of recipients, by using an existing HTML-based template that allows for user-customized fields.

Merge Manager Main Window

Pension Modeler

This workbook project was designed to predict dollar amounts attached to specific scenarios for tens of thousands of MidAmerican Energy employees. It further compares the estimates provided by an actuary to MidAmerican's own expectations. Formulas and policies change dramatically between employees and scenarios, and figures typically run in the millions of dollars.

Pension Modeler Comparison Sheet

Pension Modeler Yearly Analysis under a single scenario

DB2 Query Tools

This Excel add-in exploits the Visual Basic-style language used by Attachmate myExtra for its macros, to gain control of it through Excel. The software provides a user-friendly front end that:

  • Logs in and navigates the menu system;
  • lists, runs, and exports SQL queries;
  • translates reports returned from PC/IXF format to Excel spreadsheet;
  • and provides a tool to quickly design and run a simple SQL query specific to the database, without requiring any knowledge of SQL.

This software has virtually replaced use of myExtra within the MidAmerican Energy Benefits Department.

DB2 Toolbox Menu

DB2 Query Design Tool (Results)